Timber industry

Glunz Meppen

Open wood yard, 600 m³/h wooden chips transport. Special challenge: the discharge wagon ca... read on

Kronotex Heiligengrabe

400 m³/h wooden chips transport into the silo.Special challenge: 2.500 m³/h MDF transport. read on

Kunz BHT

260 m³/h shavings transport to the Dynascreens.Special challenge: single source complete m... read on

Kronospan Menznau

2 x 3.500 m³/h wooden chips storage.Special challenge: Handling huge masses of up to 900 m... read on

Novopan Danmark

Roofed storage.Special challenge: Complete mechanical conveyors, fully automated. read on

Pfleiderer Neumarkt

Complete particleboard plant, supplied with mechanical conveying systems - from woodyard t... read on

Rauch Markt Bibart

450 m³/h shavings transport. Special challenge: Complete steel structure including install... read on